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8th Rencontres Internationales
du Cinéma d'Animation de Wissembourg

November 15 - 23, 2010











International Jury

Nasrine Médard de Chardon

Managing director of DreamLab Films,

representative on
 Kanoon Studio



Jean-Baptiste Garnero

France's National film Archives
 (National Center for
 Cinema and Moving Image)



Hélène Tanguay

Former marketing
 manager of the National
 Film Board of Canada



Andrea Martignoni

Musician, sound designer



Boryana Mateeva

Head of programming
 of the Bulgarian film Archives,
 film critic



Photos (8th RICA)

8th RICA's guests


Screening of 250 short and feature films


    18 programmes of feature and short films,
    a hundred films in competition


Alexander Tatarsky - Russia -

The Pilot studio - Russia -

  Festival Favourites

Claude Cloutier  - Canada -

Jacques Drouin  - Canada -


Focus on German Animation

Programmes of French animation schools

The New wave of Czech animation

Best of  2007 - 2008 (short films)

  Cinema Masterclasses
Programmes introduced by Marcel Jean - Canada

Metamorphosis in Animation

When Animation Meets the Living


Exhibition devoted to the work of Claude Cloutier  - Canada -

"Le Mulot menteur ", exhibition devoted to the film Le mulot menteur by Andrea Kiss - Hungary -




     Grand Prix of the Rencontres
for best animated short film
awarded by the International Jury

Lipsett Diaries
by Theodore Ushev
Canada, 2010

Jury special award
awarded by the International Jury

Anna Blume
Vessela Dantcheva 
Germany / Bulgaria, 2009

Award for best screenplay
awarded by the International Jury

Fossil memory
Anne-Laure Totaro
& Arnaud Demuynck

 France / Belgium, 2009


Les Ventres
Philippe Grammaticopoulos
 France, 2009

Special distinction
awarded by the International Jury

Schlaf (Sleep)
Claudius Gentinetta
& Franck Braun

 Switzerland, 2010

Prize for the best feature fiction film
(Viewers' choice)
awarded by the city of Wissembourg

Eleanore's secret
Dominique Monféry
France, 2009

Children's Jury Prize
 awarded by the "Conseil Général
du Bas-Rhin"

The Mouse with a mouth
by Andrea
Belgium, France, Hungary,
Norway, 2008


Special distinction

De Kleine Kraai Met
Blote Billen

by Raimke Groothuizen
Netherlands, 2008


J'ai faim
by Louise-Marie Colon
& Delphine Hermans

 Belgium, 2008

Jury "Classe L Cinéma et
Audiovisuel" prize

awarded by the "Conseil Régional

Old fangs
Adrien Mérigeau & Alan Holly
  Ireland, 2009


Special distinction

Joseph's snails
by Sophie Roze
France, 2009