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5th Rencontres Internationales
du Cinéma d'Animation de Wissembourg

November 13 - 22, 2003











International jury

Jacques Drouin
film director

Lys Flowerday
film director
(United Kingdom)

Pencho Kunchev
 film director

Rodolfo Pastor
film director
(Argentina, Spain)

Fusako Yusaki
film director



Screening of 300 short and feature films.


    About 50 short films in Official Competition,
    5 programme
    of short films in Competition for young audiences, 8 feature films.

 Programmes of short and feature
 films presented out of competition

Selection of various programmes of films from French and foreign cinema destined to targeted audiences (young audiences and general public).


The Iranian cinema (introduced by Abdollah Alimorad)

Alexandre Alexeieff & Claire Parker  -Canada- (programme introduced by Jacques Drouin)

Ladislas Starewitch -France- (programme introduced by Leona-Béatrice Martin-Starewitch, the film-maker's grand-daughter)

René Laloux -France-

 Festival favourites  (in the presence of all film directors)

Abdollah Alimorad  - Iran -
Gil Alkabetz  - Germany
Jacques Drouin - Canada -
Normand Roger
- Canada -
Pjotr Sapegin
- Norway -


  • Programmes devoted to three film directors who were present at the festival as members of the International Jury of the Official competition. They have  presented a selection of films : 

    - Fusako Yusaki  - Japan  -
    - Lys Flowerday - United-Kingdom -
    - Pencho Kunchev - Bulgaria -
  • Canadian animation : NFB programme introduced by Marcy Page (NFB producer) and Normand Roger (composer)
  • Russian and Ukrainian animation : programme introduced by Edouard Nazarov (Russia) and  Irina Kaplichnaya (Ukraine, director of the KROK), in the presence of two film directors, Lena Tchernova (Russia) and Stepan Koval (Ukraine, Jury special distinction for his film The tramway n° 9 goes).
  • Focus on German Animation
  • "Folimage" programmes and programme of French schools of animation


Animated volumes, Folimage.

Alexandre Alexeïeff and Claire Parker exhibition devoted to animated engraving and the pin-screen.

Ladislas Starewitch exhibition (set of puppets made by the film-maker for the film "Le Roman de Renard").

Exhibition presented by Andrea Kiss a Hungarian fillm director and Jean-Philippe Salvadori, showing the different stages of the making of the festival trailer as well as the techniques used. 


Presentation of the  pin-screen technique by Jacques Drouin (Canada).

Creation of a 2-minute short film by a group of 11-year old schoolchildren under the supervision of Malek Bentroudi, film-maker at the  Folimage Studio in Valence, France.

The Puppet workshop run by Abdollah Alimorad.

The Clay workshop run by Andrea Kiss.

The Pixilation workshop run by Andrea Kiss and Jean-Philippe Salvadori in the LandesMedien Zentrum,  Karlsruhe (Germany).


Fantaisie,  a show mixing animation cinema  and musical theatre, by the Sopranofilm Company, Paris. 



      Grand Prix of the Rencontres
for best animated short film
awarded by the International Jury

Atama Yama

by Koji Yamamura
(Japan, 2002)

Jury special award
Prix Pamina Interreg III
Communauté européenne

awarded by the International Jury
La Funambola

by Roberto Catani
(Italy, 2002)

Award for best screenplay
awarded by the International Jury
Harvie Krumpet

by Adam Benjamin Elliot 
Australia, 2003)

Special distinction
awarded by the International Jury


by Merwan Chabane 
(France, 2001)

The tram #9 was going
Stepan Koval
(Ukraine, 2002)

Prize for the best feature fiction film
(Viewers' choice)
awarded by the city of Wissembourg

L'enfant qui voulait
être un ours

by Jannik Hastrup
(France / Denmark, 2002)

Children's Jury Prize
(10 to 12-year-old schoolchildren)
awarded by the "Conseil Général
du Bas-Rhin"

Le trop petit Prince

by Zoia Trofimova
(France, 2001)

Jury "Classe L Cinéma et
Audiovisuel" prize

awarded by the "Conseil Régional

The dark side of the morning

by Erik Rosenlund 
(Sweden, 2002

Special distinction

Le petit vélo dans la tête

by Fabrice Fouquet 
(France, 2001