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4th Rencontres Internationales
du Cinéma d'Animation de Wissembourg

November 15 - 24, 2001











International jury

Jean-Marie Demeyer 
film director

Vincent Glès
film director
(Canada,  Ivory Coast)

Larissa Malioukova 

Nicole Salomon
Présidente Atelier Animation Annecy

Magda Szabo
Institut hongrois de Paris



Screening of 250 short and feature films
in the presence of film directors, producers,
distributors, critics.


    13 programmes of short and feature films, about a hundred films, among them 30 shorts in official competition.

  Programmes of short and feature films

Selection of various programmes of films from French and foreign cinema destined to targeted audiences (young audiences and general public).

  Tributes (in the presence of film directors)

Animation Film in Black Africa
Yesterday's and today's Hungarian animated movies
One man, one work : the Russian filmmaker Andreï Khrjanovski

  Festival favourites

- Georges Schwizgebel (Switzerland),
- Ferenc Cakó (Hungary),
- Bill Plympton (U.S.A),
- Georges Lacroix,
- Bruce Krebs (France)


The Kask-Hogeschool of Ghent (Belgium)

Focus on German Animation (panorama of contemporary films)

Mickey in the twenties

  Meetings and panel discussions in the presence of guests and various contributors (film directors, programme planners, journalists...) :

Master class of Andreï Khrjanovski

Panel discussion :
"Animation Film in Black Africa : mission impossible ?"


Collection of the Studio Malembe Maa of Kinshasa-Brussels
Exhibition "Frames of light" from Hungary.


Making of a short film by fourth-year pupils (in primary school) under the supervision of the filmmaker Juliette Loubières.  

Demonstration of sand animation by Ferenc Cakó.


      Grand Prix of the Rencontres
for best animated short film
awarded by the International Jury

Les Voisins

by Stepan Birukov  
(Russia, 2001)

Jury special award
Prix Pamina Interreg III
Communauté européenne

awarded by the International Jury


by Pavel Koutsky
(Czech Republic, 2000)

Special distinction
awarded by the International Jury
Father and daughter

by Michaël Dudok de Wit 
(United Kingdom -
The Netherlands, 2000)

Prize for the best feature fiction film
(Young audience's choice)
awarded by the city of Wissembourg
Gourine et la queue
de renard

by Nille Tystad, John Jacobsen
(Norway, 2000)

Children's Jury Prize
awarded by the "Conseil Général
du Bas-Rhin"


by Faronkeh Torabi &
Morteza Ahadi

(Iran, 2000)

Jury "Classe L Cinéma et
Audiovisuel" prize

awarded by the "Conseil Régional

L'autre temps

by Thomas Delcloy,
Vanessa Lamblet, Céline Lardet

(France, 2000)



Animation Film in Black Africa


Screening of 20 to 25 African animated films in three programmes : a tribute to Mustapha Alassane the Nigerian film director, the most senior figure of African Animation film, a retrospective of yesterday's and today's Congolese animation, a programme entitled "African cinema, another gaze" with films from various African countries (Mali, Burkina-Faso, Ghana)

A book on African animation film and several film studies on some of the films selected were published after the festival.

Several African films directors were present during the festival


Yesterday's and today's Hungary  

Different programmes focused on the history of Hungarian cinema and on films representative of the young generation of film directors. A more substantial tribute was given to the work of two film directors, Csaba Varga and Ferenc Cakó (in his presence), as well as to the Kecskemét Films Company.


Andreï Khrjanovski and the Char studio Haut de la page

A tribute was given, in his presence, to Andreï Khrjanovski, one of the greatest masters of Russian Animation,  with a retrospective of his work and a programme of films chosen by the studio Char in the presence of Alexandre Gerassimov, director of the studio.