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du Cinéma d'Animation de Wissembourg

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2nd Rencontres Internationales
du Cinéma d'Animation de Wissembourg

November 13 - 22, 1997




85 animated films 
(feature and short films)

8 feature films in competition
6 short film programmes (36 shorts) in competition
3 out-of-competition short film programmes

Tribute to Russian animated films
Youri Norstein, Andrey Khrjanovski,
Garri Bardine, Edouard Nazarov

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Edouard Nazarov (Russia), film director

Alexeï Demine (Russia), film director

Michel Ocelot (France),
film director, President of the ASIFA

Florence Miailhe (France),  film director

Monique Gailhard (France),
distributor (Arkeion Films)

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Young audience's choice

La Flèche bleue
by Enzo d'Alo 
Italy - 1996


Film awarded by the students
from the "Cinéma et
Audiovisuel" section

by Michaela Pavlatova
Czech Republic  - 1995


Children's Jury Prize

by Josko Marusic 
Croatia - 1994