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11th Rencontres Internationales
du Cinéma d'Animation de Wissembourg

November 14 - 22, 2016

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International Jury

Patrick Bouchard

film director


Hannah Letaďf

film director


Van Den Boom

film director



Screening of 150 short and feature films



14 programmes of feature and short films completed between 2014 and 2016


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Takahata Isao (Japan)

Jerzy Kucia (Poland)

 Festival Favourites

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Patrick Bouchard (Canada)

Izabela Plucinska (Poland)


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Focus on German Animation

Canadian animation (NFB) : program introduced by Marcy Page

 Cinema Master classes

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Jiří Barta (Czech Republic) : Light at the end of a tunnel ?

Normand Roger (Canada) : Sound and music for Animation

 Film Concert

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"Ladislas Starewitch, in the 1920s"
 Franco Venturini & Giulio Francesconi

 Creation workshops conducted in schools by film directors.



>> Awards (PDF file)

Grand Prix of the Rencontres
for best animated short film
awarded by the International Jury

by Boris Labbé
France, 2015

Jury special award
awarded by the International Jury

Before love
Igor Kovalyov
Russia, 2015

Award for best screenplay
awarded by the International Jury

Blind Vaysha
Theodore Ushev
Canada, 2016

Special distinction
awarded by the International Jury

by Ronny Trocker
Belgium, France, 2016

Prize for the best feature fiction film
(Viewers' choice)
awarded by the City of Wissembourg

The Red Turtle
Michaël Dudok de Wit
 Belgium, France, Japan, 2016

Young audience's Jury Prize
  awarded by the "Conseil Général
  du Bas-Rhin"

Polina Minchenok
Russia, 2015


Special distinction

Counting sheep
by Frits Standaert

France, Belgium, 2015

Jury "Classe L Cinéma et
  Audiovisuel" prize

awarded by the "Conseil Régional d'Alsace

Aude Danset
 France, 2016


Special distinction

Build a fire
by Fx Goby
France, 2016