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Kihachiro Kawamoto - Japan -

Born in 1925, from an early age Kihachiro Kawamoto was captivated by the art of doll and puppet making.

Heavily influenced by the traditional aesthetics of Noh, Bunraku doll theatre and Kabuki, his haunting puppet animations such as The Demon (1972), Dojoji Temple (1976) and House of Flame (1979) have won numerous prizes internationally.

In 2003, he was responsible for overseeing the Winter Days project, in which 35 of the world's top animators each worked on a two-minute segment inspired by the renka couplets of celebrated haiku poet Matsuo Basho.

The Book of the Dead (2005) is Kawamoto's second feature length stop motion puppet animation.


  Programme 1   (feature film)  
    The Book of the Dead 2005


  Programme 2  (short films)  
    The Demon 1972

The Trip

    The Poet's Life 1974

Anthoropo-cynical farce

    Dojoji Temple 1976
    House of Flames 1979
    To shoot without shooting 1988
    Briar-Rose of the Sleeping Beauty 1990


  Programme 3 (feature film)  
    Winter Days 2003

Very famous directors such as Alexandre Petrov, Bretislav Pojar, Raoul Servais, Isao Takahata, Yuri Norstein, Jacques Drouin… took part in this work whose direction was coordinated by K. Kawamoto.