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Alexandre Petrov - Russia

Alexandre Petrov is a master in the painting technique on backlit glass plates with the use of fingertips and a paintbrush for final touches.

He uses this technique for his film The Old Man and the Sea. A sumptuous adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s novel, this film won many awards : the RICA Grand Prix in Wissembourg in November 1999, then the Academy Award for Best Animation Short Film in Hollywood in February 2000 as well as the Audience and Jury Prizes in Annecy in June of the same year.

He participates in the creation of a collective film, Winter Days, with some thirty other film directors such as Kihijiro Kawamoto, Bretislav Pojar, Raoul Servais, Isao Takahata, Yuri Norstein, Jacques Drouin ...

His latest film, My Love (Moya Lyubov) is selected for the official competition at the 2007 season of the RICA.





    The Cow 1988

The dream of a ridiculous man

    Mermaid 1996

The old man and the sea