Canadian animation (NFB)
National Film Board of Canada

program introduced by Mary Page
producer (NFB)


on German Animation


Marcy Page has pursued an interest in animation for around 40 years. Prior to joining the National Film Board of Canada in 1990, in addition to her personal animation work, she animated for over a dozen companies and taught animation courses.
As a NFB producer before her recent retirement, she remained committed to collaborating on eclectic, unusual productions that garnered more than 250 awards for the NFB, including 6 Academy Award nominations with 2 Oscars for short animation.





























Each edition of the RICA festival in Wissembourg
(a town on the border with Germany) dedicates a specific programme to German animation...
One way of embedding the festival in a context of cross-border cultural exchange.

The Focus on German animation is a selection of animated short-films made
between 2014 and 2016.