Jiří Barta
film director
Czech Republic

Normand Roger
composer, sound designer


Jiří Barta, film director, screenwriter and animator, is one of the great inspiring personalities of both Czech and world animated films.

His work have been showed and awarded in many film festivals.

A larger part of his own projects based on different visual and technical styles (cut-out, stop motion and new technics combined with a life action) has been created in Krátký film -Praha, Studio
Jirí Trnka.

Beside a film work he makes illustrations, theatre scenography and a part of his working time he spends for teaching (Academy of Art, Architecture and design -Praha and Faculty of Art and design -Pilsen).

Normand Roger, began his career as a freelance composer in 1971 for the National Film Board of Canada.

Although he has worked primarily in the domain of animation, creating well over two hundred sound tracks in the last 45 years, he has also composed music for documentaries, features, television dramas, children series...

He is known abroad largely due to the success of the animated films on which he collaborated. These films have garnered several hundred prizes in international festivals including 13 nominations for Academy Awards of which 6 received Oscars.

He has been associated with the work of some of the best known figures in animation such as Frédéric Back, Bretislav Pojar, Caroline Leaf, Claude Cloutier, Michčle Lemieux, Pierre Hébert, René Jodoin, Alexandre Petrov... and many others.