Jerzy Kucia


November 19 / 9:30 / La Nef - Wissembourg





The Return (Powrót)
Jerzy Kucia / Poland, 1972, 10'

A man, travelling by train, thinks of the little town where he spent a happy childhood and pretends that he is a famous musician. When the train stops at the station, the dreams disappear and a tired, stoop-shouldered man walks out.





The Barrier (Szlaban)
Jerzy Kucia / Poland, 1977, 5'51

A falling barrier stops the traffic before the leval crossing and forces people to wait aimlessly. They begin to have some unexpected and cruel associations of ideas.





Reflections (Refleksy)
Jerzy Kucia / Poland, 1979, 7'

A study of the birth of an insect, its struggle for survival and death. The end of life means nothing more than the sudden rustling of water.





Splinters (Odpryski)
Jerzy Kucia / Poland, 1984, 10'30

A study of passing time and human loneliness. In the mind of a woman who is doing her daily chores, memories of old times come back. The present mixes with the past, reality mixes with imagination.






Parade (Parada)
Jerzy Kucia / Poland, 1986, 14'20

Full of poetry and metaphors story about life of peasants, harvest home festival, about passing away of the seasons of the year.





Tuning the instruments (Strojenie instrumentów)
Jerzy Kucia / Poland, 2000, 16'21

The symphony of the image and sound presents uncertainty of life and events. A stream of images without traditional narration integrates with a stream of sounds.





Fugue for Cello, Trumpet and Landscape
(Fuga na wiolonczele, trabke i pejzaz)
Jerzy Kucia / Poland, 2014, 18'

A meditative story in the form of a poetic film, based on the relationship between images and music. Illustrating the processes of evoking feelings and searching for landscape specificity.