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in the 1920s"

Franco Venturini (piano)
 & Giulio Francesconi (flute)


These three films illustrate what Starewitch's style is, his fantasyland, his diversity,
his way of animating his "cinepuppets"
as well as his evolution.


Direction, screenplay, animation, puppets,
set decoration, lighting : Ladislas Starewitch



In the Spider's Grip
by Ladislas Starewitch

      France, 1920, 24'45
  Ladislas Starewitch (1923)   Love in Black and White
by Ladislas Starewitch
      France, 1923, 21'52
Toned and hand-tinted colours


The Queen of the Butterflies
by Ladislas Starewitch
      France, 1927, 22'25
Toned and hand-tinted colours