Izabela Plucinska


| November 21 / 16:00 / La Nef - Wissembourg |



Backyard (Studnia)
Izabela Plucińska / Poland, 1999, 2'

A man in blue appears in an old, monochromatic backyard. He sees the old people around him and notices a woman. She transforms into a dustbin. He then realizes that the others have transformed into objects also.





On the other side
Izabela Plucińska / Poland, 2002, 4'50

The story takes place in a photo-atelier, where a lonely photographer observes and describes a world through his pictures. These photos come alive and our photographer becomes part of their story. In one of the picture, he falls in love with a woman who has two children.





Jam Session
Izabela Plucińska / Germany, Poland, 2005, 9'30

Middle-aged couple, Theresa and Viktor live in an apartment above a jazz club and can't sleep at night because of the music. Perhaps this is a welcome distraction from their mundane lives?





Breakfast (Sniadanie)
Izabela Plucińska / Poland, 2006, 2'20

At the breakfast table, a man and a woman don't have anything to say to each other... until the wind blows into the room and turns their lives around.





Seven more minutes
Izabela Plucińska / Germany, Poland, 2008, 7'30

A train accident! Four of the passengers awake at the beach. It's sunny, warm, the sky is blue and the seagulls are screaming. Why not take a bath in the sea?... or do they drift from the here and now to the hereafter?





Izabela Plucińska / Poland, Germany, 2009, 25'

Esterhazy, a young rabbit from the Esterhazy dynasty in Vienna, is sent to Berlin to find a huge, beefy female rabbit near a mysterious wall in Berlin.





Izabela Plucińska / Germany, Poland, 2012, 3'

They live together, but live separately -held together by a thin thread. An unfortunate accident leads them to each other again.





Liebling (Darling / Lignes de vie)
Izabela Plucińska / Germany, Poland, 2013, 6'50

Imagine what it would be like to wake up having lost your memory and not able to recognise your own husband.





Sexy Laundry
Izabela Plucińska / Germany, Canada, Poland, 2015, 12'

How can the flames of desire be rekindled after 25 years of married life? Izabela Plucińska's erotic comedy delves into the private lives of Alice and Henry, a couple in their fifties numbed by routine, holed up in a rococo-kitsch hotel room.