Patrick Bouchard


|November 20 / 10:00 / La Nef - Wissembourg |



The Brainwashers
Patrick Bouchard / Canada, 2002, 12'

In this animated short, two chimney sweepers clear all the memories from their victim's brain in a quest to determine what goes on in a man's head. A chilling film filled with fearsome puppets inhabiting a world of strange objects.





Dehors novembre
Patrick Bouchard / Canada, 2005, 6'49

This animated short evokes the tragic death of Dédé Fortin, frontman and vocalist of the Québécois band Les Colocs. To the soundtrack Dehors novembre, one of the band's songs, Patrick Bouchard weaves a dark tale of death and ruin, as they unfold in the dark of night, in Novembre, the Month of the Dead.





Patrick Bouchard / Canada, 2007, 8'9

In this animated short, the selfishness of the bourgeoisie and the oppression and exploitation of its servants take centre stage as a puppet show presents the tragicomedy of a society in its death throes.





Patrick Bouchard / Canada, 2012, 8'56

An allegory of mankind heading for disaster, this animated short is a tragic vision inspired by the 4th movement of Moussorgski's Pictures of an Exhibition. Drawing on the composer's brilliant ability to evoke work and labour in his music, Patrick Bouchard brings earth to life through animated clay sculptures, creating a tactile nightmare in which man is his own slave driver.